CCAC - How To Toggle DND As An Agent

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure the CC Busy Codes within Xima CCaaS. Additionally, once the reason codes have been created and assigned, this article explains how the agents will use the Ready/Not Ready (DND) feature within the Contact Center Agent Client.

NOTE: These do NOT apply to DND actions when triggered on the UCaaS phone and only applies to the DND in CCAC.

Applying Contact Center Busy Codes

When a Contact Center agent is logged into the Contact Center Agent Client, they will have the option to place themselves in a state of "Ready" or "Not Ready".

Being "Ready" means that the agent is available to take calls for the skills in which they are enabled. If an agent desires/needs to make themselves "Not Ready", they simply need to switch the "Ready" toggle to "On DND".

This will effectively make them unavailable to receive any calls or chats* for the skills to which that agent belongs.

If you are using Busy Codes, and the agent has been assigned those codes, once an agent puts themselves in a state of "DND" a window with a list of reasons will appear on the screen.

The agent will then have the opportunity to select the reason as to why they are going into a state of Not Ready (Do Not Disturb). Once they've made their selection, they will hit "Select".

When an agent is ready to be made available again, all they will have to do is simply move the "Ready" toggle back to "Ready".