Emergency Call Notifications

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How To: configure emergency call alerts

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_To do this, you will need to be an administrator of the software and sign in to the admin UI.

Configure Emergency Numbers

  1. Sign in to the Xima CCaaS Admin portal with the URL that has been provided (i.e., example.xima.cloud)
  2. Go to Admin (System) > System Settings
  3. Click on Basic Settings
  4. Select the "Emergency Numbers" option by clicking the ellipsis button on the right
  5. A new window called “Emergency Numbers” will appear
    • There are a few default numbers, but you can edit and/or delete any numbers as you see fit
    • You can also add new numbers (i.e., local fire department, local police department) as well
  6. Once the numbers are to your liking, click OK

Emergency Alert Agent Locations

  1. As an optional feature, you can also define the agent's locations by using the "Emergency Alert Agent Locations" menu, which is located just above "Emergency Numbers
  2. Click the ellipsis button on the right of "Emergency Alert Agent Locations"
    • This metric allows you to define the address, building, floor, room, and other location specifics you may need to locate an agent when they place an emergency call
  3. Add that information per row according to the agent and click OK when you’re done
  4. Click Save to exit out of system settings and apply what you’ve done

Emergency Alert Delivery

  1. Next, we need to define who receives those notifications
  2. To do this, make sure you are on the main menu of Xima CCaaS and select Admin (System) > Alerts and Triggers
  3. Click Standard Triggers
  4. A drop-down menu will appear where you can click on the "Emergency Call" metric by clicking on the arrow associated with it
  5. Add an email address for each person you want to receive this notification
    • If you need to add more than one recipient via email, separate them with a comma
  6. If you would like to set up desktop notifications to send an alert out to those that are signed in to CCAC, click on Desktop Notifications by clicking on the ellipsis tool
  7. Select the agents you would like to receive that alert
  8. Click OK and then Save