Netsapiens Configuration

This article demonstrates how to configure Netsapiens.

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How To: Configure Netsapiens

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Purpose: Demonstrate how to configure Netsapiens


Platform Admin Portal Steps

Create an API user within the Admin Portal of your platform

  • NOTE: This API user will serve as both the API user and as the extension with which we will receive calls from the Contact Center
  1. Log in to the Admin portal
    • NOTE: While the URL will vary depending upon your instance, it will follow this same format: https://{FQDN}/SiPbx/adminlogin.php
  2. Go to Users > Configuration and click the Add User button near the bottom of the screen
  1. Click on your assigned Domain
  2. Fill out the fields listed
  1. Here are a few tips when filling out the fields:
    • When creating a password, make sure it is strong and secure
      • Notice that the Call Limit is set to Unlimited by default
        • This is the recommended setting, though you can change it if necessary
    • It is important to know that in order to pull UC API information across, we need to have at least a Scope level of Reseller permission or higher
  2. Click Create
  3. Click Create User Device

Creating the Oauth Client ID and Client Secret within the Admin Portal of your platform

  1. Go to System > Settings > Advanced > Oauth Clients
  1. Click the Add button at the bottom left
  2. Type in a Client ID name of your choice and click the Create button
  3. Click the Client ID name you just created and you’ll see that the Client Secret is listed a few lines down
  1. Save both the Client ID and Client Secret for future steps below

Xima CCaaS Portal Steps

  1. Log in to the Xima CCaaS portal
    • To do this, navigate to Xima CCaaS with the URL that has been provided to you (E.g.
  2. At the login screen, enter your Username and Password and hit Login
    • NOTE: The first time you log in you may see an error message that appears at the bottom of the screen
      • This error simply means that Xima CCaaS is not connected to your platform yet. This is fine and is to be expected.

Manage Platform Configuration within Xima CCaaS Portal

  1. Along the left-hand side of the navigation pane, select Admin (System) (cogwheel icon) > Target Platform Configuration
  1. A new window called “Netsapiens Platform Settings” will appear with information to fill out
    • To get that information, please sign into your platform's Manager Portal
  1. After signing into your platform's Manager Portal, go to Domains > {Assigned Domain} > Users
  2. Search for your extension and select the Edit icon associated with your User
    • NOTE: This is the API user that you created within the Admin portal
  3. A drop-down menu will appear, click on Phones
  1. A window called “Edit Phone” will appear, and here you’ll be able to see a lot of the information you need to fill out the "Netsapiens Platform Settings" window in Xima CCaaS
    • If you do not see a phone, please click the "Add Phone" button
  2. Within the "Edit Phone" window you will see the Domain/Proxy and Outbound Proxy
    • NOTE: Please keep the "Edit Phone" window open during the rest of this process for ease of information access
  1. Enter this information into your "Netsapiens Platform Settings" window within CCaaS
    • When copying and pasting the Outbound Proxy, do not include the SIP Proxy Server Port portion
      • The SIP Proxy Server Port will most likely be :5060
  2. Next, fill out the API URL in the "Netsapiens Platform Settings" window
    • This information is in the URL of the Netsapiens Manager Portal
      • Copy the first part of the URL (copy up until the .com/), and paste this information into the API URL field in your "Netsapiens Platform Settings" window
  3. While still in the "Netsapiens Platform Settings" window, type in the Admin Username and Admin Password
    • This is the username and password of the API user you created within Netsapiens above
  4. The last fields of information to fill out on the "Netsapiens Platform Settings" window are the Client ID and the Client Secret
    • You should have this information from the steps above
  5. A new window called “Confirm Changes” will appear, click the OK button

Manage SIP Extensions within Xima CCaaS Portal

  1. While still in Xima CCaaS, go to Admin (System) > Manage SIP Extensions
  2. A new window called “SIP Extensions” will appear
  3. Click the + icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the window
  1. A new window called “Add Extension” will appear
  2. Here you will need to enter the SIP Extension and the SIP Password
    • To get this information, go back to the Netsapiens Manager Portal that we instructed you to keep the “Edit Phones” window open
      • This is because the SIP Extension and SIP Password information are listed in that window
      • The SIP Extension is the Username and the SIP Password is the Password
    • NOTE: Please still keep the “Edit Phones” window open
  3. Go back to the "Add Extension" window in Xima CCaaS and copy and paste the corresponding information
  1. Click Save
  2. A new window called “Confirm Changes” will appear and click the OK button
  3. Click Done when your extension has been registered
  4. Within the "Xima CCaaS Portal" click on the person icon on the left and click "Refresh Users and Groups"
  5. Re-log into the "Xima CCaaS Portal", click on the person icon on the left and click "Agent Licensing"
    • Here you will see all of the agents that were pulled over from the platform
  6. Go back to the Netsapiens Manager Portal where we've kept the “Edit Phones” window, and finally click Save
  7. Click Inventory and you’ll be able to see many different DIDs, listed under Phone Numbers
  1. Select the appropriate DID and go to the User field
  2. Type in your API user's extension and click Save

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