Abandoned Calls vs. Missed Calls

This article explains the difference between an abandoned call and a missed call. Though they are similar, they are distinguishable.

The difference between Abandoned Calls and Missed Calls can be confusing as all missed calls are considered abandoned, but not all abandoned calls are considered missed calls.

Abandoned Calls

An abandoned call is defined as any inbound call that does not end in a "Talking" event or a "Callback Scheduled" event.

For instance, the call below ended when the caller decided to hang up after staying in a Skill queue for over 2 minutes. This could have happened because the caller changed their mind, or perhaps they felt they waited too long. In any case, this will count as an abandoned call.


The image below shows what this call would look like in an abandoned calls report.

- **NOTE:** It is possible for an abandoned call to also be an answered call.
  - The call below was answered by the agent but the caller dropped after being placed on hold
  - The final event was not a "Talking" event or a "Callback Scheduled" event and therefore the call is considered abandoned.

One way to think of abandoned calls is when the call ended but the customer likely did not get the resolution they are seeking.

Missed Calls

A missed call is a call where an agent or Skill was involved in one or more "Ringing", or "Queue" event, but not a "Talking" event, meaning they never answered the call.
- The call below is an example of a missed call
- NOTE: This call would also count as an abandoned call