Microsoft Teams Integration - CCaaS

This article covers the Phase 1 integration of Microsoft Teams with Xima CCaaS

Summary of Important Points

  • Embedded App in Teams
    • How to download the app in Teams and authenticate your user profile
  • Utilizing the Graph API
    • Provides SSO when navigating our app and subscribes to presence updates once authenticated if using an Administrator login
  • Bi-Directional Presence Sharing
    • If you make a change in Teams, it updates on Contact Center, and vice versa so you get accurate reporting from both sides
  • Teams User Reporting on Presence
    • Helpful reports for reporting on your Agent's Presence - This will be updated as we roll out more related reports for Microsoft Teams
  • Video Training
    • Covering the basics shown in this article

Embedded Xima App in Teams - How to Install and Authenticate

  • NOTE: The steps and screenshots below are actively being developed and are subject to change as our Microsoft Teams integration evolves
  1. While in Microsoft Teams, select the Apps icon from the left side of your screen

  2. Search for the App "Xima" and select Add

    1. We recommend right-clicking the app to get it pinned to the left for easy access in the future

  3. Log in with your appropriate Microsoft Teams account

    1. If you have an Agent Microsoft Teams account, you can log in over to the right with your email to log in as an agent
    2. NOTE: An admin account is needed if you intend to utilize the Graph API, and will automatically log you into the Administrator interface
  4. Select the Gear Icon once logged in, and then select Teams Integration

  5. Select the Pencil icon, then verify your Microsoft account

    1. Select the Microsoft Account you want to request access via the Graph API with

    2. You will get a notice of the permissions that are being requested

  6. You should see your Microsoft Teams account is now authenticated

    1. This will automatically sign you in the next time you click on the pinned application saving your agents time on future logins

    2. Upon your initial login, it will prompt you to download the Xima Voice Agent Client Available

      1. Download this app so the agent in question can take calls
    3. Select OK and download the Agent Client app

Bi-Directional Presence Sharing

  • Once logged into the Xima Voice Agent Client app, your presence should sync between Teams and Xima's contact center as shown below, and toggling DND on one side will automatically toggle the other


  • Reason Code Trace is one suggested report for reporting on a selected agent's presence

    • This is a helpful Report for seeing how long agents were in specific states to determine call eligibility as one use case among many

    • One tip - Include all Reason Codes from the database in your query initially, and then you can narrow it down from there

Video Training