Inbound SMS Configuration for Netsapiens

How to configure Xima CCaaS to relay inbound and outbound SMS text messages for your Contact Center


The following article provides insight and instruction on setting up the Inbound SMS function within Xima CCaaS. We have used the existing infrastructure for Webchat to support SMS within Netsapiens. Every text that comes in goes through the Netsapiens account via the trunk and number we provisioned, and then goes up to the cloud, and to CCaaS.

Steps To Configure

  1. Provision a phone number with SMS capabilities
    1. You can verify SMS capabilities via the viibewithus portal on Viirtue (Netsapiens) as shown here

    2. You can also check this on the Netsapiens side, by navigating to Inventory > SMS Numbers

      1. Best practice is to have the Load Balancer set as the Destination, but it shouldn't routing as we pull the information we need to route it from the API. It will show in the outbound message received by the end-user
      2. To set the Destination, click on the Pencil icon to edit, and then set Treatment to User, with the load balancer as the User's extension

  2. Navigate to the CCaaS Desktop app logged in as a CCaaS Administrator, and select Admin (System) > System Settings

  3. Expand the Web Chat Agent section, and then select (...) for Chat Config

  4. Select (...) to edit the URL to Skill Mappings configuration

  5. Here we have SMS messages routing to Skill 1 that have a 3386 in the phone number (from the number that was messaged by the customer to get into the Contact Center), with a wild card (*) before and after the last 4 of the phone number
    1. Adjust the priority of that skill mapping by moving it up or down among the existing mappings

Agent Experience

  1. When an agent is ready to take an SMS routed message, they will want to ensure their Webchat/SMS channel icon is solid as shown here

  2. When the SMS message presents to the agent, they should see this Chat Offer screen, and they can Accept or Reject the queued SMS message

  3. Once a chat is accepted, you can click on the chat in your Active Media over to the left (1), read the message from the customer (2), and then reply to the customer on your cell phone which should display in the text box below (3)

  4. Once the SMS session has concluded, you can click End Chat, and then Finish

Outbound SMS

  • To place an outbound sms, click on the + sign in CCAC next to Active Media, and select New SMS

SMS In Cradle to Grave

  • Cradle to Grave is will show these SMS messages in the call logs as shown below
    • We have a new Media Type for Cradle to Grave, and you will see SMS under the Chat Media Type column for SMS messages
    • You can expand these call examples by clicking on the arrow next to the SMS message

  • You can also see the chat log by clicking (...) next to the chat entry, and selecting View Chat

    • When you select View Chat, you will see a box open up showing the chat history as shown below

Training Video For Reference