Xima UCaaS - How to install the SNAPMobile webphone on Windows

This article specifically focuses on the SNAPMobile webphone for Windows

Requirements: Google Chrome must be used

Platform Configuration

  1. From a Google Chrome web browser, log into the web portal from your user account at voice.ximasoftware.com

  2. Once you are logged in, in the top right of the webpage, select the “Apps” dropdown and press the option for WebPhone
    • NOTE: This is also how you will open the WebPhone from your browser

  3. The WebPhone will open in a new Google Chrome window
  4. Expand/maximize the new WebPhone window to see more options
    • In the example below, we have the WebPhone maximized
    • You’ll notice once you have expanded the WebPhone window that there is a “Settings” option in the bottom left

  5. Once the Settings menu has been opened, you’ll see another option included near the bottom of the list named “Install PWA”
    • This is the option you’ll want to click on to install the WebPhone to your PC

  6. From here, you’ll see a popup in the top right asking if you would like to install the application, Click “Install”

  7. From here, the SNAPMobile Web SoftPhone will be installed on your PC, and it will automatically pin to your Windows taskbar
    • An alternative way to launch the application would be to search for “Snapmobile” within your Windows search bar to locate the application