Cradle to Grave Terminology

This article provides definitions for the unique terminology you'll see in Cradle to Grave.

Cradle to Grave Terminology

Deciphering the Details

Cradle to Grave is an integral part to Xima CCaaS and gives you the power to validate your reporting and calls. It will give you the ability to see the finite details of every inbound/Internal call from beginning to end, including every "life event" of the call. Listed below is an explanation of each event that you might see in a breakdown of a call in Cradle to Grave.

Event Definitions

Callback Abort

An event when a callback attempt is aborted. A callback is considered aborted after the max callback attempts limit is met (configured within system settings)

Callback Accepted

An event when the recipient accepts the callback

Callback Attempt

An event when a callback is attempted

Callback Audio

An event during a callback attempt. The audio is the queue music and announcements that were configured in the skill

Callback Canceled

An event when the recipient decides to cancel the callback

Callback Missed

An event when a callback attempt was made and the recipient either doesn't answer the callback, or doesn't press a button to accept

Callback Offer

An event that shows which member of the Skill was presented a call

Callback Prompt

An event during a callback attempt while waiting for the recipient to answer and accept the callback

Callback Scheduled

An event displayed after the caller confirms their callback number

Callback Snoozed

An event when the recipient selects to snooze the callback When a callback is made, the client will have the option to snooze the callback if they are not ready at that moment


When a call comes into a skill group and no agents are available, you can configure your phone system to redirect the call to a different skill. This will display as an overflow event


When an inbound call comes into a skill group and no agents are available to answer the call, the call will enter a queue for that skill group, if enabled. The event represents the caller waiting to be answered by an available agent.

Queue Audio

An event during a queue when queue music and announcements are playing

Queue Callback Entry

An event displayed when the caller presses a key to schedule a callback

Queue Offer

An event when the queue callback option is offered to the caller


An event where the agent is talking to an external party or another agent