CCAC - Interacting with Emails


Requires Email Channel licensing

If email or multi-channel licensing is purchased, you will first need to configure email routing and licensing as outlined here

Receiving Emails

An agent will be eligible to receive emails if they are:

  • Logged into CCAC

  • Off DND

  • Applicable skill enabled


  • Email Channel enabled

Once eligible, the order for which agents will receive emails is based on their skill level using the linear routing strategy.

When an agent is dispatched an email, they will receive a notice in CCAC and the email will be deposited to their active media pane

Note that the agent does not have the option to reject the email like they can do with a call, chat, or SMS.

To start "focusing" on the email, they simply need to select the applicable media to see the email content and begin a response draft.

Replying to Emails

Once an email is selected in the active media pane, the agent may draft a response.

The editor pane includes options to customize the content of the email and how to treat the email

Primary Email Editor Features

Text Formatting Options

Sending Email Draft, Transferring, or Marking as Complete

Once an email is assigned to an agent, it is their responsibility to resolve the media by replying, transferring, or marking the email as complete in order to clear it from their active media.

Sending a Draft

Once an email or response is drafted, clicking the "Send" button will send the content back to the addressed parties and remove the active media from the agent's CCAC.

Transferring an email

Sometimes an email will be better handled by another agent or skill group. Emails can be transferred by selecting the ellipsis in the top right corner of the email editor pane, then select "Transfer Email"

Next, the agent will be prompted with a list of skill groups or qualified agents to send the email.

Once selected and confirmed, the email will be transferred and removed from the original agent's active media.

Marking an Email as Complete

Often times in email communication, there may no longer be a required response from the agent. A good example would be when a client's need have already been resolved and the client has simply sent one more reply of gratitude or sending the agent a farewell.

To close an email thread and mark it as complete, the agent must click on "Mark as Complete" in the top right corner of the email editor pane.

The agent will see a confirmation prompt to confirm the closing of the email thread or to cancel.

The email will be logged in historical reporting as manually closed by the agent.

Spam Emails

Some unsolicited emails may be assigned to an agent and it's best that they are not forced to respond or to mark the email as complete. The best course of action is to mark the email as spam. This can be done by selecting the "Mark as Spam" icon in the bottom left of the email editor pane

The agent will receive a confirmation prompt allowing them to confirm the action or to cancel

Emails marked as spam will be logged as such in historical reporting, allowing for management to take appropriate steps in managing the email service for spam as well as holding agents accountable for emails incorrectly marked as spam