Callback Offer Window

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How To: set or change Callback Offer Window

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Purpose: demonstrate how to set or change the Callback Offer Window for the Queue Callback setting.


  1. Log in to the Xima CCaaS Admin portal.
  2. Go to Contact Center Configuration > Skill Management
  3. Select the three dots icon above the skill in which you would like to set or change the Callback Offer Window. This skill has to be a skill that is utilizing the Queue Callback.
  4. A window called “Skill Definition” will appear. Go to the Callback Offer Window metric, which is about four lines down under Queue Callback Settings. Click on the associated ellipsis tool.

Before continuing, consider what time frames during the day you want to offer your customers a callback. You may want to turn off callbacks an hour or two before the end of your work day to give your agents and the system enough time to call back all the customers who are waiting in the queue.

  1. A new window called “Callback Offer Window” will appear. Here you can set the beginning and end time you will offer callbacks. Please note that the time is military time.
  2. Click OK when you have determined which time frame you prefer.
  3. Click OK again and then click Save.