Building a Composite Announcement

This article demonstrates how to build a composite announcement.

Article #: 100

How To: build a composite announcement

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Purpose: demonstrate how to build a composite announcement


  1. When logged in to the admin UI of Xima CCaaS, go to Contact Center Configuration > Skill Management
  2. Click the three dots icon associated with the skill you would like to build composite announcements.
  3. A new window called “Skill Definition” will appear. Go to the Queue Announcements metric, and click the ellipsis tool associated with that metric.
  4. A new window called “Queue Announcement Configuration” will appear.
  5. Drop a pin where you would like to add an announcement. This is done by clicking anywhere on the blue bar.
  6. A new window called “Edit Queue Announcement” will appear. Click on the ellipsis tool associated with the Announcement field.
  7. A new window called “Queue Announcement” will appear. Click on New Composite…
  8. A new window called “Composite Message” will appear. This is where you will define the sequence. Click on the dropdown arrow under Composition and select what you would like to be the first announcement in the sequence. A new dropdown will then appear. Continue to add announcements until you are done with your composition.
  9. Once you have defined your sequence, type in a name and then hit OK. That composite has now been added to the available list of announcements.
  10. Click OK again.
  11. Click OK once more and then click Save.