Configuring Digit Actions

This article demonstrates how to configure digit actions.

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How To: configure digit actions

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Purpose: demonstrate how to configure digit actions


Digit actions are the option to opt out of a skill group to go to a different destination while in the queue. They can also be used to act as an IVR.

  1. To set digit actions, when logged in to the admin UI, go to Contact Center > Skill Management
  2. Click the three dots icon associated with the skill you would like to configure digit actions.
  3. A new window called “Skill Definition” will appear. Go to the Digit Actions metric, and click the ellipsis tool associated with that metric.
  4. A new window called “Digit Actions” will appear. Here you will see the thirteen different options that can be pressed from any phone. A common example would be to opt out of a queue and leave a voice message. If you would like to set it so that when a customer presses the number five, they will be sent to a voicemail box, enter the voicemail box number into the number five field.
  5. To set a number to go to a specific skill group, click the number field and select the desired skill group.
  6. To set a number to go to an external party number, enter the external party number into the desired number field.
  7. When you’ve filled in the desired fields, click OK.
  8. Click OK again.
  9. Click Save.