Abandoned Calls

Before running this report, it is necessary first to understand the definition of an abandoned call. An abandoned call is an inbound call that does not end in a talking or a voicemail event. This is most often calls that ended while in a queue event (Queue Offer, Queue Callback Entry, Queue Audio, etc.), but will also include calls that ended in a ringing event.

Additionally, abandoned calls can be calls that were at one point answered. For example, if a call is answered in one queue, then is transferred to a separate queue, and the call ends in the second queue, this will report will display "True" under the "Is Answered" column

Furthermore, as a Detailed report each line on the report will represent one individual call and will provide details for each call. Each line provides a "Call ID." The Call ID is a number that is associated with the call in the Xima CCaaS database. It is a useful number because once the report is run, you can copy the Call ID for any call found on the report, take it to Cradle to Grave for the same time frame, paste it in the Quick Search tool (look for the magnifying glass icon in the top right-hand corner of Cradle to Grave), and it will take you directly to the call. This will then allow you to see the detailed events of the call.

Report Column Descriptions

This column displays the call's Call ID. A Call ID is an ID number that corresponds to the calls within the Xima CCaaS database. It is possible to use this number to search for the specific call in Cradle to Grave.

External Number
This column displays the phone number of the external party associated with the given phone call. The External Number is the phone number of the caller, calling in.

Final Agent
This column displays the name/extension of the final agent that was associated with the call.

Note: This column will only display an agent name if the agent was associated with an event in the call. For example, if the call included a ringing event to the given agent, but was then later abandoned.

Final Event
This column displays the last event that was associated with the given call. This field excludes Drop events.

Is Answered
This column displays "True" if the call was answered, and displays "False" if it was not answered. A call is considered answered when there is a talking event associated with an agent, meaning that the agent answered the call.

This column displays the date that the given call started. (Format: 21 Apr 2021)

Start Time
This column displays the date and time that the given call started. (Format: Feb 3, 2021 11:19:20 AM)

Call Duration
This column displays the entire amount of time between when the call started and ended. This is how long the call lasted.