Skill Routing Algorithms

This article is designed to help you better understand and learn how to modify skill routing algorithms.

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How To: understand and modify skill routing algorithms

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Purpose: To better understand and learn how to modify skill routing algorithms


  1. Web to Xima CCaaS with the URL that has been provided (i.e.,
  2. At the login screen, enter Username and Password and hit Login
  3. Along the left-hand side in the navigation pane, select Contact Center Configuration > Skill Management
  4. A new window called Skill Management will appear. For each skill, there will be a settings button above their name (three dots button). Click the settings button.
  5. A new window called Skill Definition will appear. Go to the Routing Algorithm metric, which is under the Voice Settings, and click the dropdown arrow.
  6. Select the routing algorithm you would like for that skill. We offer five different routing algorithms for you to choose from.
    a. Most Idle: Calls are presented to the Agent who has been idle the longest.
    b. Circular: Calls are presented to Agents in a circular manner.
    c. Linear: Calls are presented to a list of Agents from top to bottom, depending on the skillset.
    d. Intelligent Highest Skill First: This routing algorithm uses advanced logic to determine who the call should be delivered to based on the ranking of an agent in this skill and the membership of the agent in other skills.
    e. No Routing: This routing algorithm is reserved for IVRs and will not automatically route to any agents until a menu selection is made.

Please note that this feature is per skill, so you can use different algorithms in different skills.

Once you’ve selected which routing algorithm you would like, click OK and then click Save.