Reset User Account Password

This article demonstrates how to reset a user account password.

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How To: reset a user account password

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Purpose: reset a user account password


Before beginning please note that a supervisor was set up with the proper email address, they can reset their own password.

  1. At the Xima CCaaS login screen, after having entered in an incorrect password, click Forgot Your Password? below the Password field.
  2. A new window called “Reset Password” will appear. Type in your email address and click Reset Password.
  3. This should send an email, but if this email is not received, a supervisor may need to reset the password for you.

If an email is not received and a supervisor needs to reset a password, follow the steps below.

  1. When logged in to the admin UI, go to User Management > User Accounts
  2. First, select the affected user by clicking the dropdown on the User metric at the top.
  3. To change the password, simply type in the password and confirm the password below.
  4. Once the password has been changed, click Save and share the new credentials with that supervisor.