WebRTC Asterisk Integration

This article covers how to integrate WebRTC with Asterisk


Registering An Extension

  1. One of the unique things about Asterisk is the ability to register a single SIP extension and allow for unlimited calls
  2. On the Extension under the “Advanced Options”, you can increase or decrease the incoming and outgoing limit of that extension

  3. Here is the CCaaS example for registration on Xima's side

Tagging Calls For Routing

  1. Tags” can be applied for inbound call routing
    1. In the Ring Group for example, under the “Advanced Options”, there is a field called “Replace Caller ID
    2. If you wish to retain the caller, add %CALLERID% to the entry
    3. For example, if you wanted the word “Donuts" to be tagged while retaining the caller number after, you could format it as shown below

    4. NOTE: Replace Caller ID also exists under the Queues and the DID themselves so there is flexibility where it gets tagged

  2. Here is a an example from the Xima CCaaS side