Adding Account Codes in Bulk

This article demonstrates how to add account codes in bulk.

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How To: add account codes in bulk

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Purpose: To learn how to add account codes in bulk


When you are logged in to the CCAC, that does not mean you are immediately eligible for voice calls or web chat. To become eligible, follow these steps.

1.Open NotePad. This is on your Windows PC.
2. Type in your account codes in the text document. Make sure that each account code has its own separate line within the text document.

Typically you will not be typing this information in by hand. More likely, you’ll be coming from another site or phone system and want to utilize their account codes within Xima CCaaS. This is fine. Copy and paste those account codes into a text document, make sure each account code has its own separate line, and then click Save.
3. Now log into the admin UI of Xima CCaaS and go to Account/Busy Codes > Account Codes
4. In the bottom right hand side of the Dashboard Account Codes window, select Bulk Add…
5. Select the text document you saved and click Open

This will add all of the account codes that you typed into the text file.