Busy/Reason Codes (DND)

This article provides information on the different types of busy reason codes and how to configure them. Busy codes provide further visibility and opportunities to make sure that your agents are performing to the best of their abilities.

With the Xima CCaaS Contact Center Agent Client you will be able to track the daily activity of your Contact Center agents based on Busy Codes. This provides further visibility into the daily activities of your Contact Center agents.

Configuring Busy Codes

The process to configure the three levels of busy codes is the same across the board. However, you will be required to configure all three separately if you desire to use all three. You are not required to use each level if you have no need to do so.

Note: The configuration of the busy codes will currently be done in the Java version of Xima CCaaS.

Configuring Busy Codes

In this example, we will be walking through the configuration of the Busy Codes. To configure the Busy Codes, navigate to the "Agent Dashboard Configuration" section of Java version of Xima CCaaS.

  1. Select "Busy Codes"

A list of agents will now appear. These are your Contact Center agents

  1. At the bottom of the page, select the "Add Reason Code"
  2. Enter the desired reason code
  3. Hit "OK"
  4. Repeat for as many Busy Reason Codes as needed

Once you've created a Reason Code, you can now assign it to the desired agents.

Option One:

  1. As you finish a Reason, select the blue "person" icon to the right of the newly created reason code.
  2. You will now see a list of agent's names. Check the boxes for those that you would like to assign the Reason Code.
  3. Once you have selected the desired agents, hit "Apply".
  4. Repeat with each reason code.

Option Two:

Once you have created your list of Reason Codes, you can now assign them to the desired agents.

  1. On the left hand side of the menu, hold the "Ctrl" button down on your keyboard and select the desired agents.

Note: If you'd like to assign the reason codes to all agents, hold the "Shift" button down and select the first agent, then the last agent. This will select all agents.

  1. Once you have the agents selected, you can now select the individual check box for each of the desired reason codes to assign.

  2. Hit "OK."

The Busy Reason Code will now be assigned to the selected agents.