API Overview

We’ve created APIs so that your system can communicate with all the latest features of Xima CCaaS. All of our APIs are listed below with some example use cases mentioned so that you can see what APIs you might need.

  • Programmatically obtain recorded call metadata and download audio files to be imported into another system

  • Periodically export historical call data into another application
  • Programmatically generate report files in different formats to be consumed by another department or application
  • Pull time card data from Xima CCaaS into a staffing or payroll system
  • Pull call records into a billing system (example: hospitality)
  • Pull account summary usage data into a billing system (example: law firm billing by account code)

  • Show Realtime metrics on a 3rd party dashboard with a periodic refresh
  • Monitor Realtime metrics with a periodic refresh within a 3rd party web service
  • Periodically refresh and show metrics like “Current Wait Time” and “Calls in Queue” on a customer’s web site

  • Pop a 3rd party web page from the Contact Center Agent Client or the Java Desktop Client

  • Push a recording link to Salesforce each time a phone call is recorded
  • Notify another system (like a CRM) to create a record each time a phone call finishes

  • Request the directory list of all Xima licensed agents and their phone type
  • Request a list of Xima skill groups