Why Are My Widgets Grayed Out

This article is designed to help you understand why your widgets are grayed out.

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How To: understand why your widgets are grayed out

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Purpose: to help understand why your widgets are grayed out


  1. Web to Xima CCaaS with the URL that has been provided (i.e., example.xima.cloud)
  2. At the login screen, enter Username and Password and hit Login
  3. Along the left-hand side in the navigation pane, select Realtime (upward arrow icon)> Realtime Wallboards
  4. If you click on an existing Wallboard and cannot select a new widget to add because the widget options are grayed out, here is why.
  5. On the HTML interface, there are only a certain amount of spaces you can add in widgets. All options that are too big for the amount of space you have left on your wallboard will automatically be grayed out.
  6. To address this, consider resizing some of your existing widgets or deleting any unnecessary widgets on your Wallboard.
  7. Click Save and Exit when you are done adjusting your Wallboard widgets.