Xima UCaaS - Creating Inbound SMS Queue

This article covers how to make an SMS Inbound Queue. This enables you to let a number go into a queue and answer calls. Alternatively, someone can text the call queue to get a place in queue, and get a text message back when available.

Steps to create an SMS Inbound queue

  1. Log into the Xima UCaaS Administrator portal, and select Call Queues

  2. Here you can Add Call Queue, or Edit an Existing Call Queue.
    1. For this example, we are going to edit an existing queue by clicking on the Pencil icon if that queue has a phone line that supports SMS messaging

  3. Select the SMS tab on the edit screen

  1. Toggle Enable SMS to Yes to enable SMS for this call queue

    1. Select an Initiation Keyword : Messenger needs to use this keyword to enter the SMS queue
    2. Set the Initiation Message : This is the response the queued messenger will receive when the session begins
    3. Set your Initiation Needed Message : The response the queued messenger will receive if the conversation started without the initiation keyword
    4. Set a Termination Keyword: Pick a standard word like DONE so the messenger can end the chat at will
    5. Pick a Termination Message : This is the message that will play for the messenger when the chat ends
    6. Set your No Agents Message : The response the queued messenger will receive if there are no available agents
  2. Select Save to save your SMS configuration

  3. Now select Inventory on the admin portal, and then SMS Numbers

  4. From here, we can see our listed SMS Numbers, and edit them via the Pencil icon

  5. From here, we can select for this number to go to an Available Number, a User, or a Call Queue, and then put in the appropriate number or extension for your selected option

  1. Select Save to save your configuration

  2. Now you are configured to enter into the Call Queue, User, or Available Number via text message