Routing Using Skill Routing Identifiers in Metaswitch

This article provides information on how to route using the Xima CCaaS feature, Skill Routing Identifiers, in Metaswitch.

If your customer has multiple DIDs, we can route using the CCaaS Skill Routing Identifiers. This will allow you to directly drop the calls into a skill, rather than having to go through another auto attendant and selecting a digit action to be transferred to your skill.

The first step is on the MetaView Web Portal.

The name and number in the SIP message are both derived from the MLHG Pilot number.

Search and find your Business Group you are configuring the new MLHG for.

You will need to add a new MLHG by clicking “Add MLHG +”

Apply any templates you may use. Add the name and identifying number.

Add the Xima SIP subscriber that was previously built as a member and log it in.

Add your new pilot number. This is the number customers will call. This is also where the name/number are derived from in SIP message to route to proper IVR.

For more context, the highlighted section on the right-hand side is the name that we will be using to route the call to the specified CCaaS DID.

That name will then be added to the Skill Routing Identifier field within Xima CCaaS.

Syntax does matter. If there is a capital letter, make sure it matches exactly the way that you created it within the MetaView Portal.