Routing Calls From RingCentral AA to Xima CCaaS

This article provides information on how to route a call from RingCentral Auto Attendant to Xima CCaaS.

Please note that RingCentral has different types of licenses, each one with their own sets of features. From the perspective of Xima CCaaS, we can register the handsets necessary to integrate with our software with any of these licenses (Essential up to Ultimate). However, when it comes to features like “Multi-Level Auto Attendants” you will need to be licensed for a minimum of the Standard Package.

For more information on these RingCentral licenses, please look here on the RingCentral website.

Assuming you have at least a Standard license package, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to “Phone System” > Auto-Receptionist

There you will find “IVR Menus” as part of the drop down.

  1. Click “New IVR Menu” on the top right-hand side

It will ask for the extension you want to assign and the name.

  1. Fill that out and click "Save."

Once you save that, it will show up in the list similar to this:


If you want this dialed directly, you can assign a DID to it. Otherwise, you can go into your new IVR and set parameters such as prompts and key presses.


For prompts, you can add in text to speech, or select a prompt from a pre-recorded message contained within RingCentral.

As for key presses, you have an option to use defaults or to specify something additional.


To keep it simple, when someone calls in and you want to transfer that call (via digit action) over to the Xima Contact Center, you can do so by assigning the “key press” and filling in the “Connect to” section as shown in this image below.


You have the option to assign a “key press” (0-9) for the action event of your choice. Each of the extensions are listed out and selectable as well.

This is a very basic Auto Attendant, but you have many more options depending upon your environment and your call routing preferences.