Configuring Netsapiens Virtual Handset

This article provides step-by-step instructions on configuring the Netsapiens virtual handset.

Netsapiens Extension Configuration

The first step to configuring your Netsapiens Virtual Handset is to configure an extension within the Netsapiens platform.

  1. Log into the Netsapiens portal
  2. Along the top, select "Users," and then select "Add User"
  3. Fill out the new user information (see example below), and then hit "Add User"

  1. Search in the "Users" field for the newly created extension
  2. Once you've selected your user, select the pencil icon to the right, and then select "Voicemail"
    1. Ensure that "Enable Voicemail" is disabled by unchecking the box
  3. Hit "Save"
  4. Select the "Phones" tab
  5. Select the pencil icon on the right

You will then arrive at the phone configuration equipped with the domain, Outbound Proxy, Username, and Password (see the example below).

Upon finishing this section, the best practice is to take a screenshot of this information or keep it open in a new tab, because you will need the information during configuration.

  1. Hit "Save"
  2. Log in to Xima CCaaS

Xima CCaaS Netsapiens Extension Configuration

  1. Upon finishing the extension configuration within the Netsapiens platform, log in to Xima CCaaS
    • The default username and password are as follows:
      • Username: Administrator
      • Password: password
  2. Once logged in, select the System Settings tool (gear icon) and select "Target Platform Configuration"
    "images": [
    "image": [
    "Target Platform Configuration.png",
    "align": "center",
    "sizing": "75% "
  3. Fill in the following information:
    • Domain
    • SIP Proxy Server Host
    • API URL
    • Client ID
    • Admin Username (email address)
      • Note: If you are unsure of where to find the required information, please see this article.
  4. Hit "Save."
  5. Go to the XIma CCaaS system settings once more and select "Manage SIP Extensions"
  6. Enter the Virtual Handset SIP Extension and SIP Password, and then hit "Save."

Upon entering the information, you can now check the SIP Extension that you have just created, and it should display as "Registered."

Additionally, you can go back to the Netsapiens platform where you can log in and you should see the configured Virtual Handset as "All Green."

Once the Virtual Handset has been configured, it will then be necessary to point a DID to the handset in order to take calls and have them transferred to the Contact Center agents.

Please note that it is common to configure the UC extensions to be able to handle an "unlimited" number of calls; however, it is possible to determine the desired amount. To verify this setting, log in to the Netsapiens Admin portal, and then navigate the following path: Users > Configuration > User Name > Call Limit. There you can enter the desired amount of calls the extension should handle.