SIP Header Examples

Xima CCaaS can utilize key words or numbers included in the SIP Header of each call to determine the best destination. However, the SIP Header format may vary by phone system. This is why Xima CCaaS allows for custom routing rules using the most common header fields.

Below is an example SIP Header entry. If you are unsure what your phone system's header messages look like, you may consider working with your provider for an example or utilizing a software solution like WireShark to capture the header.



From: "Sally" sip:[email protected]

The From header field indicates contact information of the initiator of the SIP INVITE request, "Sally" in this case.



To: "John" sip:[email protected]

The To header field contains the information about the called party or the recipient of the request, "John" in this example.



P-Asserted-Identity: "Sally Thompson" sip:[email protected]

A P-Asserted-Identity header field is an important SIP header used among trusted SIP entities to carry the identity of the user sending a SIP message as it was verified by authentication. This header is commonly used in call centers who need to present the calling number of it's customer rather than the actual telephone number. "Sally Thompson" in this example



User-Agent: Phones-R-Us v12.32.4

The User-Agent header field contains information about the UAC originating the request. It describes the source device that generated the SIP INVITE.