CCAC - WebRTC Internal Calls and Assisted Transfers

This article covers internal calls on WebRTC and Assisted Transfers for WebRTC in CCaaS

How To Make An Internal Call

  1. Click the + sign, and then select New Call inside the Contact Center Agent Client

    1. From here you can dial by number and input the number or extension you would like to dial manually

    2. You can also use the agent icon to see what other WebRTC agents are available. Note: This will only show WebRTC agents

  2. Click the Dial icon to place your internal call

  3. If you are calling another CCAC agent, they should see the incoming call as shown below

  4. Once an agent answers an internal call via CCAC, they will see the following options

    1. Mute

    2. Hold

    3. Transfer

    4. End Call

How To Place An Assisted Transfer

  1. If you have already received a call in CCAC, you can do an assisted transfer by clicking the Agent icon

  2. From here you can select one of the three following options

    1. Type number - Internal or External

      1. NOTE: Since WebRTC exists outside of the integrated UC platform, any transfer from WebRTC is considered "outside of Contact Center", and as a result, logging will end at the transfer event
    2. Transfer directly to a WebRTC agent that is ready via Blind or Assisted transfer

      1. NOTE: The receiving agent will have the ability to Miss or Answer the call

    3. Transfer to a Skillgroup directly (NOTE: This is a blind transfer)

  3. Once the other CCAC WebRTC agent answers the call, you can Cancel Transfer or Complete Transfer

Cradle To Grave Example

Here you will see a call comes into the skill and is answered by the first agent. A transfer hold then took place, they talked internally, and then the transfer was completed. Then you see a talking event with the final party.