Preparing Quality Management and Speech Analytics in Xima CCaaS

Before Xima Quality Management or Speech Analytics will work within their individual services, you must first ensure a few items are in place within Xima CCaaS


License Purchase Required

You must own a minimum of one Xima Quality Management (or higher) licenses to configure and access this service.

Configure the link for each service's portal in Xima CCaaS

  1. Ensure the service link are configured in Additional Settings ► Link Configuration
    See more details here

Verify / Configure the API Service User

  1. In the installed Desktop Client (java), log in as an administrator and navigate to *User Management ► User Accounts

  2. Set User to "New User"

  3. Set the Name as "Encore"

  4. Select the radio button for "Service User"

  5. Save


Collect the Authorization Key for your newly created Service User

  1. In the installed Desktop Client (java), navigate to API Enablement ► Service Users

  2. Select your new service user, "Encore", and select Edit

  3. Highlight the entire Authentication Key (including the = at the end) and save it for a future step. You may select "Cancel" to exit these menus.


Import the necessary report

  1. There is a specific report we use for integration with Xima Quality Management and Speech Analytics. You must download the Recorded Call Details for Encore WFO report.

  2. Next import the report to Xima CCaaS. To learn how to import a report, review this article.

Verify / Prepare the Historical Reports API in Xima CCaaS

  1. In the installed Desktop Client (java), navigate to API Enablement ► Historical Data Access

  2. Select Add

  3. In the Report Template field, select the report imported in steps 10-11 "Recorded Call Details for Encore WFO"

  4. For Service Account, select Encore (which was built in steps 2-6)

  5. Note the provided Report ID for a future step. Yours will be unique and not match the picture below.

  6. Press "OK" to save, then press "OK" again to save all changes.


Share the Authentication Key and Report ID

  1. The following details will need to be shared with the DVS deployment team to setup the data connection in their portal:
  • Xima CCaaS service URL (the address used to access Xima CCaaS)
  • The Authentication Key for "Encore" which was collected in steps 7-9
  • The Report ID collected in steps 12-16