Create a Netsapiens Forwarding Rule for Failover

This article demonstrates how to use the best practices for creating a failover rule within the Netsapiens interface

How To: create a failover/forwarding rule

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Purpose: Demonstrate how to use Netsapiens Answering Rules to failover in the event of an outage


Create a new Answering Rule to forward calls

  1. Log into your Admin Portal instance of Netsapiens

  2. Navigate to Users and find the handset you created for routing calls to Xima CCaaS

  3. Click on the handset you created and open the Answering Rules menu

  4. In the top-right corner, click the Add Rule button

  5. In the new menu, set the "Time Frame" to match your hours of operation

  1. Select "Enabled"
  2. Make sure that "Do not Disturb" and "Call Screening" are de-selected
  3. Under "Call Forwarding" select the "When unanswered" option
  4. Set an extension, number, or phone that you would like calls to fail over to
  5. Select Save
    • With this setting, if the handset fails to answer calls will automatically forward onwards