Supervisor Agent Control

This article demonstrates how to set up supervisor agent control.

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How To: set up supervisor agent control

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Purpose: demonstrate how to set up supervisor agent control


  1. Web to Xima CCaaS with the URL that has been provided (i.e.,
  2. At the login screen, enter Username and Password and hit Login
  3. Along the left-hand side in the navigation pane, select Realtime (upward arrow icon) > Supervisor View
  4. Here you’ll notice your different agents listed. By clicking on the three dots icon in the top right hand corner of an agent’s panel, a dropdown menu will appear. This menu provides a lot of tools to assist in managing your agents.
    a. Manage Skills: This allows you to enable which skills an agent can take calls and/or chats from. This allows you to disable skills as well.
    b. Manage Channels: If an agent has more than one channel (e.g., calls and chat), this feature allows you to enable and disable which channels are available to said agent.
    c. Disable CC DND: This allows you to put an agent into a Ready state when they were previously on Do Not Disturb. You can also put them back on Do Not Disturb.
    d. Log User Out: This allows you to log out an agent if they have forgotten to log out for the day.