Changing the Callback Strategy

This article demonstrates how to change the Queue Callback Strategy.

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How To: change the Queue Callback Strategy

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Purpose: demonstrate how to change the Queue Callback Strategy


  1. Log in to the Xima CCaaS Admin portal.
  2. Go to Contact Center Configuration > Skill Management
  3. Select the three dots icon above the skill in which you would like to change the Queue Callback Strategy. This skill has to be a skill that is utilizing the Queue Callback.
  4. A window called “Skill Definition” will appear. Go to the Include Queue Callback Strategy metric, which is about one line down under Queue Callback Settings. Click on the associated dropdown arrow. Here you will see three options:
    a. No Queue Callback: This will make it so that there is no Queue Callback option.
    b. Wait in Queue: This will allow your customer to wait in queue until their call can be answered
    c. Reserve Agent: This will allow your customer to reserve an agent and receive a callback when an agent becomes available.
    To learn more about each, review the "Wait in Queue vs Reserve Agent" video below

Before you select an option, be sure that you understand what each queue callback routing algorithm does.

  1. Select the Queue Callback Strategy that you prefer.
  2. Click OK and then Save.

To gain a better understanding about the two available callback strategies, review the video below