Xima UcaaS - Creating a Conference

This article covers how to set up a group meeting, where for example the Conference Admin can start the meeting, and other people can call in and join via a pin. Note: This is not where you receive an inbound call and conference someone else in.

Steps to create a group conference

  1. Select Conferences, and then Add Conference

  2. On the Add a Conference screen fill out the following as covered below the screenshot

    1. Add a Name for the Conference
    2. Select the Type of conference
      1. Dedicated conference bridge - This will have an Extension you will also want to fill out as shown above
        • Can only be edited by Office Manager level or higher logins
      2. Owned conference bridge - You can assign the conference bridge to yourself under the new option Owner that populates.
        • Note: If your scope of login is lower than an Office Manager, and you wouldn't normally be allowed to moderate a conference bridge and this solution would allow you to manage your own bridge for a conference

    3. Select your desired Direct Phone Number for the conference bridge
      1. If you have available numbers on your domain they will show in the drop-down box here
      2. People calling into the bridge can call this number directly and be placed into the conference
    4. Set a Leader Pin for the leader to start the conference
    5. Set a Participant Pin for a participant to join the conference
    6. Set a value for Max Participants to limit the size of your conference accordingly
    7. Set Minimum participants to start to determine when the leader is able to start the conference
    8. Check mark your desired Options as covered below
      1. Require a Leader to start - This requires the leader to be there to start the conference
      2. Announce participant arrivals/departures - Announce when people join or leave the conference
      3. Prompt all participants for their name - When participants join it will ask them for their name
    9. Click Save

  3. Now that the bridge is created there are a few other items we can look at below for a live bridge

Options for Created Bridges

  • Once a bridge is created, back on the Conferences screen you can see the Participants that are currently in the bridge by clicking on the number under participants for the bridge in question

    • If you enter the Participants screen for a selected bridge, you will see each users Name, Number, if they are a Leader, their Status, and their duration for everyone in that bridge

    • You can also add someone manually to the conference from this screen in the bottom left, by adding a number here and clicking the + sign, which is helpful if someone forgot to call in or didn't have the phone number handy.