Authenticating with your Email Service


At the time of this article the supported email services for authentication include:

  • Microsoft Outlook

Though Xima CCaaS is a great solution for distributing emails among your team and reporting on their performance in handling your customers email requests, it is not the email service provider. However, we can authenticate with your email service to handle all emails sent to specific email addresses. In this article you will learn how to authenticate to each email address.

In this example, we'll pretend that we need all emails that are sent to the address of [email protected] to be routed to Xima CCaaS.

  1. First, while logged into Xima CCaaS as an admin, navigate to Admin Settings►Email Account

  2. Next select "+" in the top right hand corner to add a new monitored email address.

  3. You'll immediately see an authentication modal from your selected email service. Enter the email address then password to access the desired account

  4. If successfully authorized, you'll now see your email account in list of monitored addresses

  5. You may select "Done" if you've added all email addresses desired. If you'd like to add another address, simply select the "+" button in the top right for each.
    NOTE: Each email can use additional routing rules defined later to target different skills. You do NOT need a unique email address for each skill but it is optional.