Create and Manage Roles

Xima CCaaS Agent Roles provide a way to create customized Xima CCaaS groups separate from the skill groups. This is helpful when you have a handful of agents that you report on, on a regular basis. Creating a Role is like creating a team of agents without having to select the entire skill group. This provides information on how to create and use an agent role.

By using Roles, you can assign a list of agents to a specific Role. Then, when running a report, creating a Realtime wallboard, etc., you can select the Role rather than having to select each individual agent.

Creating a Role

  1. To create a Xima CCaaS Agent Role, navigate to the CCaaS Reports page, click the "..." menu button in the top right corner, and select "Manage Roles"
  1. A window will then appear on the right featuring a list of your existing Skill groups and Roles
    • Note: By default, all Skill groups will be listed as agent Roles
      • You can use the pre-existing Skills as roles on any agent report, or on any Realtime wallboard that you have built to display agent information
  2. Once the window of existing roles appears, to create a new role, type in the name of the new role in the "New Role" box at the bottom of the page
    • In the example below: we'll call this new Role "Jane's Team"
  1. Then, select the "+" symbol
  2. You will now see the new role in the list of existing roles
  3. In the list, navigate to the newly created role and select the pencil tool to the far right
  4. A list of every licensed agent will now appear
  5. Select from the list the agents that you would like to belong to the new role
    • You can do this by either scrolling through the list and selecting the desired agents, or by typing in the agent name/extension in the "Search for Agents" section at the top of the page
  6. Once you've selected the desired agents, you can now simply close the window
  7. The selected agents will now belong to the role that you created!
    • This role can now be used to select all of the agents that you assigned to it, within all areas of Xima CCaaS
  8. Repeat the process for any additional roles that you need to create