WebRTC - Route Direct To Agent

This article covers how to route WebRTC calls direct to agents


  • Our Virtual Handset can route calls directly to an Agent by using “extXXX” (where XXX is the extension number of the Agent) anywhere in the SIP Trace
  • As long as this information shows up within the SIP messaging the Virtual Handset will route the calls directly to the Agent’s extension
  • The extension number used can be any range of numerical digits
    • For example, we support using “extX” and “extXXXXXXXXX”


  • In this example, in the From header, we see an external caller called into a destination that passed along the extXXX information of “ext115”
  • It is then sent to that extension's direct WebRTC phone
    • NOTE: You do not need to build any routing rules within Xima CCaaS for these direct-to-agents features