Configuring 3CX Mobile App (Android)

This article provides information on how to configure your 3CX mobile app if you have an Android phone.

Negating the need for a desktop softphone or a physical phone, you can use the 3CX mobile application, 3CX Communications System, which is compatible with Xima CCaaS.

In order to see the calling party information, an agent must be signed into the Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC) web interface. Due to how we configure the service, i.e., utilizing a UC extension to route calls, the mobile app itself will show the internal extension of what you’ve configured for this purpose. It will not show which Contact Center skill the call is a part of, nor the other calling party information. You must utilize the CCAC to see that information and add in account codes, notes, and everything else. You will be 100% limited to being able to answer the call through the mobile app if you aren’t signed into CCAC on your desktop.

Example Call

Mobile App for a Contact Center Call

Note the named internal extension.


CCAC for a Contact Center Call

Note the additional calling party information and functionality.


With all of that said, if you still wish to utilize the 3CX Mobile application, please follow these steps to download, set up, and configure.

  1. Go to the Google Play Store and find the 3CX app.
  1. Launch it and click the “Agree” option that says you agree with the license agreement.
  2. The next screen will give you a couple of pages. The first page is irrelevant, so swipe left to show this page.
  1. If you have your QR Code, click that as an option.

If you don’t have your QR Code, see the end of the article.

  1. By clicking “Scan QR Code,” you’ll be prompted for permissions for 3CX to use your camera. Click “Allow.”
  2. Assuming you have your QR code accessible, whether that be from the welcome email received from your provider or by accessing the 3CX portal, go ahead and scan it.

Once scanned, it will download the settings for that extension and do a provision test.

  1. Click on the “Call Echo Service” to move on to the next step.
  2. Grant the 3CX App additional permissions.

Once you've allowed these permissions, you’ll be all set to accept a call from Xima CCaaS.

If you don’t have your QR Code, use this 3CX-provided article to find it.