Xima UCaaS - Adding User Devices to Call Queues


Please note, that you can add multiple devices to a user, and have multiple devices for the same user associated with a call queue.

Steps to Add a User to a Call Queue

  1. Select Call Queues from the top menu, and then Edit Agents for the Call Queue you would like to add someone to

  2. Select the Agent Phone you would like to add to your selected Call Queue by searching for their extension

    1. Note: You may see multiple devices, you can assign your preferred device from the list of available devices you have configured for this agent

    2. You can select multiple devices for a single call queue, in the example below we have 3 different devices selected for this user

  3. Depending on how your call routing algorithm is configured, it will route calls accordingly the same way it would route calls between different users

    1. For example, if you have a collective call ringing, it will ring all this agent's devices at the same time when a call presents in this Queue
    2. Round Robin as another example, it will rotate presenting to each device in order one at a time