Adjusting ACW Timer

This article demonstrates how to adjust the ACW Timer.

Article #: 42

How To: adjust the ACW Timer

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Purpose: demonstrate how to adjust the ACW Timer


  1. When logged in to the admin UI of Xima CCaaS, go to Admin (System) > System Settings
  2. Click Voice Agent and the option will expand.
  3. Locate the After Call Work Timer metric and click the associated ellipsis tool.
  4. A window called “After Call Work Timer” will appear. The Initial Duration metric is set to thirty seconds by default. This is how long your After Call Work (ACW) timer is set to, again, by default. Simply enter in the new amount of time to change how long or short your ACW timer is.
  5. Once you have typed in the setting to your liking, click OK.
  6. Click Save.