Connect ACO to Xima CCaaS

This article demonstrates how to Connect ACO to Xima CCaaS.

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How To: register and authenticate Xima CCaaS with Avaya Cloud Office (ACO)

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Purpose: To learn how to Connect ACO to Xima CCaaS


Before you start with the steps below, there are a few prerequisites. You must create a Super Admin account in Avaya Cloud Office (ACO) for Xima CCaaS to register and connect with. That account has a username and password and that will be helpful when we try to connect Xima CCaaS and authenticate it with ACO.

  1. Web to Xima CCaaS with the URL that has been provided (i.e.,
  2. At the login screen, enter Username and Password and hit Login
  3. Along the left-hand side in the navigation pane, select Admin(System) (cog wheel icon) > Target Platform Configuration
  4. A new window called “Platform Settings” will appear. Enter in the appropriate information associated with each line listed.
    a. SIP Domain: This will be your SIP domain and port number
    b. Outbound Proxy: This will be your Outbound Proxy and port number
    c. Enable Recording: If you have the Xima CCaaS UC Realtime Logging license, which basically enables all of the call recordings done in ACO to be available and visible to you inside of Xima CCaaS’s Cradle to Grave interface, select the associated dropdown menu and click Yes.
    d. API Auth Status: This tells you the status of your API authentication.
  5. Most likely when you set Xima CCaaS up, this will say not authenticated. To authenticate, click the Authenticate button, and this will take you to the RingCentral or ACO API authentication page. Type in the Super Admin account information that you created.
  6. Once you have typed in the username and password of your Super Admin account, you will be presented a screen that Xima CCaaS is requesting access to whatever information is listed below.
  7. Click the Authorize button.
  8. Once you’ve done that, it will send you back to Xima CCaaS and show that your API status has been authenticated. Click Save.
  9. A window called “Confirm Changes” will appear. Click OK.
  10. You can then click Save or exit out of the Platform Settings window.