Agent Licensing

In order to track and apply Xima CCaaS features to agents, they will need to be licensed accordingly. This article covers how to apply available licenses to the agents.

Article #: 12

How To: apply a CCaaS License to Agents

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Purpose: To learn how to apply a CCaaS license to agents

Agent Licensing in HTML Xima CCaaS

  1. Log in to Xima CCaaS.
  2. Along the left-hand side in the navigation pane, hover over the agent icon and select Refresh Users and Groups. This reaches out to the UC directory and updates Xima CCaaS to match all the users as seen in the UC directory. You will now be able to add licenses to any new agents.
  3. Select the agent icon and select Agent Licensing.

You will then be presented the licensing window. The window will display which licenses you've purchased (including Voice and/or Chat) as well as how many licenses you have available to assign.

Note: Contact Center Web Chat requires the purchase of the Contact Center Web Chat channel.

  1. Select the appropriate license button for each agent. This is done by navigating to the agents in the list and assigning them the desired licenses by checking the corresponding boxes.
  2. If an agent will not be utilizing a Xima CCaaS license, leave their buttons unchecked.

As you select the licenses to assign to the agents, the count of licenses assigned/available will reflect appropriately.

  1. Click Save when you are done.