Configuring a Service User

This article provides a definition for a service user and also provides instructions on how to configure a service user.

A Service User is a Xima CCaaS user account for use with API integrations. Each service user has an authentication key that can be used to make API requests.

To configure a service user, follow these steps:

1- Navigate to the CCaaS admin main page (installed java client)

2- Select the "API Enablement" section on the left hand sidebar.

3- Select “Service Users”

4- Select "Add"
Select "Show List View" if you do not see the ability to add a new user at first then follow step 4 again.

5- Give the service user a name and copy the authentication key and save both for later

6- Select "OK"

7- Select "OK" again to close out the final menu. If you need to see the auth key again, you can "edit" your new service user in the list.