Xima UCaaS - Creating a Call Queue

This article covers Call Queues and how to add them

  1. Select Call Queues, and then Add Call Queues

  2. From here we want to give the call queue a Name

  3. Select an Extension that is not currently in use

  4. Select the appropriate Department

  5. Input your desired Site

  6. Select Type of routing you would like this call queue to use

    1. Here we have selected Round-Robin (longest idle)

      1. NOTE: You can hover over the i to get more information on each type of routing

    2. You can also add Phone Number to the call this queue directly if you have an available phone number

    3. Select if you would like to Record Calls

    4. Enable Statistics , if this is not enabled you will not get statistics for this UC group

  7. The next tab you will want to configure is Pre Queue Options - Options for before the caller is put in queue

    1. Require Agents - You can set up a queue that doesn't require agents to be in it for a call to get there, but in most cases, you will want to require agents to be in the queue before routing a call there
    2. For Queue Audio - select Music on Hold or Ringback
    3. Require Intro MOH (Music On Hold) - Require the intro MOH to be played in full and not attempt any agents until it completes
      1. There may be a legal notice for example, that has to be played before you route the call to an agent
    4. Max Expected Wait Time in seconds - Unlimited by Default
    5. Max Queue Length in seconds - Unlimited by Default
    6. Allow Callback option - Allow the system to prompt the user for a callback option instead of waiting if timing conditions are met
    7. Forward if Unavailable - if in the pre-queue options, nothing is available, you can send this over to an extension, phone number, device, etc
  8. Onto the next tab, In Queue Options - Options for while callers are queued and being routed to agents

    1. Queue Ring Timeout (sec) - Default is 30 seconds
    2. Agent Ring Timeout (sec) - Default is 15 seconds
    3. Logout agent on missed call - Default is NO
    4. Forward if unanswered - Forwards somewhere else if the call is unasnwered
    5. Voicemail - Enable or disable voicemail for this call queue
  9. The final tab, SMS Options, you can enable or disable SMS for the call queue

    1. We will have a dedicated article to these features, so we are not going to go into depth here but here is a screenshot for reference if you do have SMS enabled for this call queue Enable SMS