EHR/EMR Demographics

Each EHR/EMR system offers a wide range of demographics. This list is the demographics that Xima CCaaS is collecting.

Demographic Value NameDescription
Client_IDName of the organization (clinic, practice, etc)
Client_Patient_IDUnique number associated to the patient
First_NamePatient's first name
Middle_NamePatient's middle name
Last_NamePatient's last name
Phone_NumberPrimary phone number for the patient
Phone_TypeThe assigned phone category for the primary phone. M=Mobiile H=Home W=Work
Second_NumberA secondary phone number for the patient
Second_TypeThe assigned phone category for the secondary phone. M=Mobiile H=Home W=Work
First_EmailThe primary email address for the patient
Address_Line_1Patient's address
Address_Line_2Patient's second line of address when applicable
CityPatient's city
StatePatient's state
ZipPatient's zip code
Primary_LanguagePatient's preferred language
Year_Of_BirthThe patient's year of birth. We do not collect the full DOB to display in Xima
GenderThe patient's gender as documented in the EMR/EHR