CCAC - Use Click-To-Dial

This article demonstrates how to use our click-to-dial function within CCAC in order to make calls

How To: Initiate an Outbound call using the built-in click-to-dial function within Xima CCaaS

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Purpose: Demonstrate how to use click-to-dial for the Contact Center Agent Client


  1. Log in to the Contact Center Agent Client (CCAC)

  2. To start a call, to the right of the Active Media section you will notice a plus (+) symbol, click on it

    • NOTE: If you do not see this button, please reach out to Xima Support so they can activate "SHOW ACTIVE MEDIA PLUS" for you
  3. This will open a new sub-menu with "New Call", click on "New Call"

  4. Another menu will open where you will be able to input your desired outbound phone number

  5. Click the green phone icon once your number looks correct

  6. Xima CCaaS will then: call your extension, call the outside party, and then combine the two calls

    • NOTE: This will allow Xima CCaaS to track all aspects of your call, even on platforms that may not provide Outbound calling information