Running a Report

This article demonstrates how to run a report.

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How To: run a report

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Purpose: demonstrate how to run a report


  1. Web to Xima CCaaS with the URL that has been provided (i.e.,

  2. At the login screen, enter Username and Password and hit Login

  3. When you log in, you will be presented the Reports menu, which lists all the available Standard Reports in Xima CCaaS. To run a report, click on the desired report you would like to run.

  4. The report may already be presenting old information, or the report may also be blank. Either is fine and can be ignored. Continue by clicking the Configure button.

  5. The Configuration window will appear. Fill out the fields of information below. The fields of information will depend on the report. For this example, we will run the Abandoned Calls report.
    a. Report Date Range: This allows you to determine the time frame you would like the report to collect data. Please note that when selecting a large time frame, it will take longer for Xima CCaaS to render the report for you.
    b. Final Skill: This allows you to select which skill groups’ abandoned calls you would like to see.

  6. Click Apply.