Changelog - April 2022




  • Various bug fixes


  • Feature Trace Report adjustments
  • Master Agent - Subscription confirmation tenant tab
  • Enabled metric Feature Enabled to be a perameter


  • Unit tests for call flows
  • Various report values
  • Various Master Agent features


  • Issues with Custom Report values
  • Issues with ACW/MCW on UC calls
  • Issues with DNIS in some standard reports
  • Issues with queue music and announcements
  • Issues with Supervisor View and agent state columns
  • Issues with Supervisor View and UC Group names
  • Issues with Realtime wallboard widgets (e.g., agent box value issues)
  • Issues with logging into CCaaS due to licensing
  • Issue with ACO UC logging
  • Issue with Netsapiens warm transfer
  • Issue with calls going to agents (RingCentral specific)
  • Issue with skill names not appearing in reports and cradle to grave
  • Issues with agents receiving calls
  • Issues with UC Realtime agents getting stuck in events when involving one UC Realtime Agent
  • Issue with adding notes to chats in cradle to grave