Changelog - March 2022




  • Agent licensing added to HTML UI
  • Now possible to pull UC Groups for RingCentral and Netsapiens specifically
  • Whitelabel capabilities added


  • Storage Manager uses BlueDB for object storage
  • Webchat chime


  • New method to SystemValidator to download image at startup
  • UC groups for Ring Central
  • Master Agent error handling to subscription flow
  • Agent Stuck in Call Offer status on Supervisor View
  • UC Standard Report list (RingCentral and Netsapiens specific)
  • Netsapiens UC Queue logging improvements
  • HTML Agent licensing


  • Account Code report issues
  • Issue with displaying Groups
  • Issues with inbound calls being presented while on an outbound call
  • Agents getting stuck with in queue offer states
  • Issues for Maser Agents
    • CC not saving and not popping error
    • Subscription window failure
  • Issue with Overflow Frequency check
  • Rinc Central routing issue
  • Issue when creating a wallboard loop, the external link leads back to CCaaS login page
  • Wallboard color selection no longer remains transparent
  • Issue with agents getting logged out of CCaaS HTML page
  • "New Version Available" announcement no longer stays around after refresh
  • Ring Central Group "Rotating" call issues
  • Issue with calls stuck in queue callback due to availability tiers
  • Issue with CCAC page not loading
  • Issue with loading Realtime Wallboard widgets