Changelog - September 2022



New Features

  • Support TLS 1.2 Registration for load balancing handsets

    TLS 1.1 is still supported but we now support TLS 1.2
    No changes are needed in the software to support each.

  • Handle SRV DNS records for more integration support

Feature Improvements

  • Added default DND reason codes for new agents

    When a new agent is licensed with a voice license, they will automatically be assigned some basic busy codes. These include Lunch, Break, Meeting, and Paperwork. To learn how to add custom reason codes to the agent, review this article.

  • Image Widget in Realtime Wallboards now defaults to "Fit" scaling

    The default scaling was previously "stretch to fit" which resulted in some distorted images

  • Web Chat Transfers - Chime Agent if Transfer Failed

    If an agent attempts to transfer a chat to another agent but they do not accept the offered chat, Xima will now play an audible chime to inform the original agent that the chat is still with them.


  • Minor Bug Fixes