Routing Based Upon DID/DDI in RingCentral

This article provides step-by-step information on how to route based upon DID/DDI in RingCentral.

Please note that this method of routing will overwrite the “Calling Party number” information with the “Dialed Number” information. As a result of that, you will NOT be able to report upon calling party numbers (external customer numbers) within the reports in CCaaS, but you will be able to route based upon the incoming number to a specific skill group.

  1. Within RingCentral, go to the extension that you have configured to be used as your Primary Extension. If you have more than one extension, it is the one at the top of the list that is bolded.

This is located under the Users tab.

  1. Once selected, go to “call handling and forwarding” and then click the Settings tab.
  1. Click the “Edit” button under the Incoming Call Information section.
  1. You will need to change this section to show as “Called Number” from the drop down instead of the default.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Next, you will add Multiple Direct Numbers under the Phones & Numbers tab for the virtual handset user, or, as long as your incoming numbers are pointed to the Xima virtual handset extension, you can utilize those numbers to route to skills as well.

Once you adjust this setting and have determined which numbers you wish to route to which skill, you can do the rest of this within CCaaS itself.

  1. In the Java UI under Multimedia Configuration, go to Multimedia Skills > Add a New Skill (or use an existing one).
  1. From there, under the Skill Routing Identifier section, place the DID/DDI of the number that was called. This will serve as a tag or an indicator that all calls to this number route to this skill.
  2. Click Save.