Creating a CCAC Wallboard

This article provides step-by-step instructions on how to create, and apply a Contact Center Agent Client wallboard.

Using the Contact Center Agent Client, it is possible to create a Realtime wallboard that can then be shared to the Contact Center agents' Agent Client. This can then display the desired Realtime metrics for the skills that you deem as important for the agent to see.

Before assigning a wallboard to a team of agents, a wallboard must be created. To learn how to create a wallboard, please see the Building a Wallboard article.

Assigning a Wallboard

Once the desired wallboard has been created, it is now time to assign the wallboard(s) to the desired agents.


  1. Locate the desired wallboard that you would like to assign, and select the vertical ellipsis tool on the wallboard.
  2. A list of options will appear. Select the Share option.
  1. A list of the User Roles will appear. Roles are typically based on your skills that were configured. When selecting a role, the wallboard will then be assigned to any agent that belongs to the selected role(s).
  1. Select the desired role(s) and hit Apply.

Now when the agent(s) that belong to the selected role(s) log into their Contact Center Agent Client, a wallboard will be visible.

Note: It is possible to display multiple wallboards in the Contact Agent Client. Simply share each wallboard that you would like the agent to see. The wallboards will then rotate throughout the day. Or, they can click on the arrow on either side of the wallboard to switch between the assigned wallboards.