Create and Manage Roles

This article demonstrates how to create and manage roles.

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How To: create and manage roles

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Purpose: demonstrate how to create and manage roles


  1. Log in to the Xima CCaaS Admin portal.
  2. Go to User Management > User Roles
  3. A window called “Xima CCaaS Roles” will appear. You’ll see a list of existing roles on the right side of the window. To create a new role, click Create Role.
  4. A new window called “Create Role” will appear. Type in the title of the new role and click OK.
  5. The role will appear in the list of existing roles, but note that nobody has been applied to the role yet. To add people to the role, you have two options.
    a. Select your agents on the left side of the window. You can hold Shift or Ctrl to select multiple agents at once. Once you have selected your agents, click on the check box associated with your role. The agents are now added to that role.
    b. Select your agents by clicking on the blue person icon associated with your role. A window called “Select Users” will appear. Select your desired agents for the role and click Apply.

As a side note, to edit a role, click on the role and then click the pencil icon to change the role name or the X icon to delete the role.

  1. Click OK when you are done creating your role.

HTML Video Tutorial

The link below is a separate video tutorial that you can click on to learn how to adjust roles that specifically go over how to adjust roles in HTML.